Intro to Maker Faire

Intro to Maker Faire


Maker Faire is a festival of making, invention and creativity for people of all ages who are interested in making things. Since its initial launch in the Bay Area in 2006 Maker Faire has become widely popular not only among the maker enthusiasts but also the general public. Nowadays, there are many independently produced Maker Faires happening around the world. Click here to find a faire near you.

Maker Faire is an annual event where makers gather to showcase the projects they’ve been working on. A mixture of hobbyists, tinkerers, artists, educators, engineers, scientists, community leaders and people from different walks of life share the knowledge they have learned. At the event people from general public have a chance to participate in hands-on activities and learn new skills such as soldering, 3D printing, robot-building, creating a comic strip etc.

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