Intro to MaKey MaKey

Intro to MaKey MaKey

What is it ?

MaKey Makey is a great introduction tool into the world of electronics and basic coding. It’s very simple to use, thus suitable for absolute beginners of all ages with no prior technical knowledge required.

MaKey MaKey

It works on the same principle like a basic circuitry. Using this simple invention kit allows you to turn every-day (conductive) objects into a keyboard, hence Makey Makey, and connect them with the internet. For example, you can create a magical vegetable piano simply by connecting MaKey MaKey with your favourite vegetables and your computer.

A great thing about MaKey MaKey is its compatibility with Arduino. Using Arduino you can easily reprogramme the MaKey Makey and customise the key-mapping to suit your project’s needs.

For more advanced users we highly recommend to install the Arduino Addon, which makes the MaKey MaKey even more fun to play with.


Please follow this tutorial if you want to install the Arduino Addon.

Use Scratch with the MaKey Makey to create interactive stories and games.

Create your own interactive classroom or library

Case studies

Learning with MaKey MaKey: Transforming Objects/Transforming Learning

Creating Computer Games with MaKey MaKey and Scratch

Interactive posters using the MaKey MaKey. These posters were created to trigger the instrument sounds when touching different parts of the poster.

Interactive books

Interactive zine

More info

MaKey MaKey official website is a great source of knowledge providing a plenty of tips for group activities, lesson plans and guides how to use MaKey MaKey in practice.

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