Playing Drums with PicoBoard's resistance clips

Playing Drums with PicoBoard's resistance clips


The resistance clips have two different ways of feedback- either a resistance value of 0 to 100 or a connected Yes/No return value. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to use PicoBoard’s resistance connectors to play drums.

What you need

  • PicoBoard (including mini USB cable)
  • Alligator clips
  • Conductive material of your choice (Aluminum foil, playdough, paper clips etc.)
  • Scratch software


  1. Connect the PicoBoard with your computer with the USB cable provided in your purchased kit. We assume that your PicoBoard is set-up (all the drivers and plug-ins downloaded). If not, click here to follow the instructions how to set up your PicoBoard.
  2. Connect four alligator clips to four resistance connectors on your PicoBoard. They are labelled A to D on the board.
  3. Choose various conductive materials to create a drum kit. In our case we used four pieces of conductive dough.
  4. Attach each alligator clip to the dough drum and the other to aluminum foil on your finger. You can create up to 4 drums.
  5. Program it in Scratch.

Scratch Picoboard script

  1. Play and have fun! Remember you can change the drum or beats.

Scratch Picoboard stage

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