Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

What is it

The Business Model Canvas is a method for developing a business case using a one-page template to outline the intended users, funding model and strategic objectives of the project.

It was initially developed by Alexander Osterwalder and was the inspiration for other canvas template models such as the Lean Canvas.

It’s a great way to collaboratively develop a plan for a new event or makerspace by focusing on the core elements.

The elements included are:

  • Infrastructure
    • Key Activities
    • Key Resources
    • Partner Network
  • Offering/Value Proposition
  • Customers
    • Custom segments
    • Channels
    • Customer Relationships
  • Finances
    • Revenue Streams
    • Cost Structure

Business Model Canvas


Business Model Canvas Poster (PDF)

An example business model canvas for a library makerspace (docx)

Online resource

Business Model Fiddle

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